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Nonfiction Book Outline Template

Save time planning and outlining your nonfiction book with this easy to use template. This is the same template I've used to help hundreds of small business owners plan and write their nonfiction book.

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Write my Nonfiction Book

Are you finally ready to establish your name as the expert in your industry? The best way to do that is to write a nonfiction book that expresses your authority.

Finding Freelance Writing Jobs

Just getting started as a freelance writer? Or have you been writing for a while but sick of begging for scraps? Learn how to find better-paying freelance writing jobs.

Plan my Next Book Launch

Tired of trying to track all 817 jillion steps for launching your book? Get organized and keep your team on the same page with the Author's Trello Board Templates. 

Freelance Writing

The Complete Guide to Finding Freelance Writing Jobs

Tired of scouring the Internet or bidding on those sites, clamoring all over other freelance writers in hopes of landing a new project?

Here is my complete guide on how to find freelance writing jobs.

  • Types of freelance writing jobs available,
  • Sites that list or show freelance writing jobs,
  • Sites looking to hire freelance writers,
  • Email pitching
  • Other things you should consider when looking for a freelance writing job.

Chatbots for Writers

Learn How a Chatbot Can Help your Business Grow

People crave a one-on-one connection with businesses, and chatbots are the perfect tool to help deliver just that.

Whether you are looking to build your own chatbot to connect with your clients, or want to help write out a chatbot to help your clients connect with their audience, these tutorials are just the ticket.

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