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10 Ways to Make Money as a Freelance Writer

Is making money as a freelance writer possible? Absolutely!

Even if you've never had a single client before. Learn about the different ways you can make money writing.

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About The Book

Do you want to be a content writer? A social media writer? Do you want to write books? Or maybe you want to stick with blog content?

No matter which writing opportunity you want to explore, this book gives you detailed information about what to expect, pros and cons, and how to get started.

So… you want to start getting paid to be a writer.

No problem.

Being a freelance writer comes with a lof of questions:

  • How will I find clients?
  • What do I do if someone skips out without paying their invoice?
  • How many clients can I juggle at once?
  • How much should I charge?
  • How can I get started?
  • How will I make money?

The good news is you can get started right here.

The Internet has helped usher in a world that a couple decades ago freelance writers like me only dreamed of: a world with unlimited possibilities to get paid for writing. And it has made it easier to find and connect with clients, find and land paying jobs, and even get paid faster.

What’s inside



A detailed look at 10 different ways you can make money writing.


How to Get Started

Common avenues and resources to help you get started on the avenue of your choice.


Pros and Cons

Find out if you're better suited for one opportunity based on your strengths.


And More...

What is the average pay for each opportunity? Best practices? Other Considerations?

Table of Contents

Ghostwriting…. 4

Copywriting…. 11

Social Media Writer…. 17

Web Content Writer…. 21

B2B Writer…. 25

Messenger Bot Writer…. 31

Writing eBooks…. 35

Writing a Blog…. 41

Novelizing Movies…. 45

Creating PLR…. 48




Before I started ghostwriting, I thought it was something only celebrities and politicians paid for. It felt distant and far off. Who was going to pay me, an unknown writer, to write their memoirs?

Didn’t celebrities have celebrity writers they could turn to?

Well, it turns out, ghostwriting is in crazy demand. And not just by celebrities.

Business coaches, life coaches, therapists, doctors, entrepreneurs, self-help gurus, social media marketing experts – even writing coaches. Yep, just about every niche you can think of will include several titles that have been ghostwritten.

And it’s not limited to nonfiction – plenty of fictional works have been ghostwritten as well.

What is ghostwriting?

Hiring a ghostwriter is very similar to hiring any other freelance writer to create content for you, with one major exception: in ghostwriting, you’re paying for the content and the copyright.

Whereas in freelance writing, the writer retains the copyright (unless specifically stated otherwise within the contract).

Why is this important?

Because when you hire a freelance writer to create content for you, as copyright holder the freelance writer retains the right to dictate how that that content will be used as well as whether or not you can modify or change the content later.

As a ghostwriter, part of your fees includes handing over those copyrights. This means that once you transfer over those rights, the client can do anything with your writing they want: publish a book using any distributor they like, change or modify the writing, hire someone else to change or modify the writing

Additionally, this means you cannot claim credit for the work. It cannot appear in your portfolio, in your client list, as a testimonial, nor will you be getting any sort of royalty payments from any sales the client may get from the writing.

Is ghostwriting ethical?

This is where there seems to be a lot of confusion when it comes to ghostwriting: is it ethical to hire a ghostwriter to write a book or a blog for you? As a ghostwriter, are you playing party to a lie?

Despite ghostwriting’s centuries-long history, there are still some people who believe it’s an unethical practice.

The truth is, hiring a ghostwriter is no more unethical than hiring a mechanic to fix your car.

Could you fix your car? Probably, if you had the right tools and were given the right resources. Could you fix it as well as a professional mechanic whose entire job focuses around knowing how to fix that car? Maybe.

But could you fix your car as well as that professional mechanic and as fast as that mechanic?

Probably not.

The people who are hiring ghostwriters are facing a similar situation: they need writing done, but they either lack the resources, tools, or industry knowledge to be able to do a good job in a timely fashion. After all, most of them have businesses to attend to and grow.

What are the advantages of ghostwriting?

Being able to break into freelance ghostwriting has really helped me grow as a writer. But there are other advantages as well:

Available Work. Unlike some other areas, the amount of work to be gotten for ghostwriting seems to be going up. In an age where everyone has an interesting life story, or a tell all book behind the scenes of their profession, or seventeen epic novels sitting on their chest but only time to write one…the world of ghostwriting  

10 Ways to Make Money as a Freelance Writer

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I can't believe how much value is packed into one book. I read it and within a day I was able to put together my services plan and even asked for a raise.

April, Freelance Content Writer

It's hard to believe that such a little book could have such a huge impact! I was able to expand my writing business into a new area in just a few days. Thank you, Naomi!

Christine, Freelance Ghostwriter and Editor

This book is amazing! I'm brand new to freelance writing and had no idea where to even start. Now I have a plan and know exactly how to get moving. Thank you Naomi!

Theresa, Freelance Social Media Writer

My husband lost his job thanks to the pandemic. I don't know what we would have done if I hadn't seen this book. It really helped me figure out a plan for what to do and for the first time I feel like we're going to be okay.

Stephanie, Aspiring Freelance Copywriter

I like how simple everything was to follow, the links to further resources, and the no-nonsense approach.

Justin, Freelance Web and Content Developer

About the author.

Hi! I'm Naomi.

I started as a freelance web developer back in 2002. In 2004, I began ghostwriting novels and books for fiction and nonfiction alike. Finally, in 2006, I began niching down, specializing in web content for SEO, small business strategy and social media marketing.

In 2010, I almost quit freelance writing altogether. I was overworked, and underpaid and blaming everyone but myself. I went back to school for psychology and ended up learning more about myself than anything.

Today, I've ghostwritten more than 40 nonfiction books for small business and social media marketing experts.

Freelance writing can absolutely change your life if you know what to look for.

And I'm going to help you find it.

Naomi Nakashima