Here’s the deal: when you join Jamberry, they promise you a lot of training. And they really do deliver on all that training. By the time you get through with the awesome Jamberry University, you will know all there is to know about how to place an order, how to update an order, how to set up your Jamberry website, how to access your Nail Art Studio, how to set up a party, how to redeem hostess rewards…

See a pattern here?

Jamberry trains you in all things Jamberry. Not how to run a business. And to be fair, it’s not their job to teach you how to run a business. But that doesn’t mean you don’t need help. So who do you turn to?

Your upline is an invaluable resource for training in things like marketing, but unless they are also a marketeer, chances are they are going to show you techniques that work for them — not necessarily train you in marketing.

And that’s where this list comes in. Besides learning all there is to know about Jamberry (or any business, really), you are going to need to know marketing: how to get your name out, how to stand out from the rest of the Jamberry consultants, and how to do it all without pissing off your friends and families.

6 Places to get Free Marketing Training for your new business 1


  1. The Socialite Suite. Brenda Ster runs an amazing group dedicated to training in relationship marketing. Believe me, this won’t be the first time you hear me sing the praises of the Suite. Unlike other groups on Facebook, Brenda’s Suite has a strict no-promotional, no-spam, no-badgering policy. Her free (yes freetraining on how to market on social media without being spammy or desperate is invaluable.
  2. Direct Sales Success for Women. Desiree Wolfe runs this awesome group with a focus on branding strategies. She also trains in social media marketing strategies, namely relationship marketing and attraction marketing. I have found her free training to be a tremendous help when it comes to setting myself up to be different from other Jamberry consultants. (You can also download her free guide for Direct Sales Growth here!)
  3. Cinchshare. Cinchare is a paid service for scheduling posts. (It’s awesome and if you’re interested in trying it out, as an ambassador I have a code to give you an extra 30 days added onto your free trial). But their blog is filled with marketing advice specifically geared toward direct sales. Learn everything from how to stay out of Facebook jail, to how to run a successful group and even how to use your story to help boost sales.
  4. Social Cinch Club. Run by Jennifer Johnson and Heili Erika, this club is the Facebook hangout for Cinchshare. They offer free training on how to use Cinchshare, as well as free training on graphics, social media content strategies, and personal branding.
  5. Udemy. Although there are several thousand courses available for free on Udemy, Three Sixty Academy does specific training on different social media platforms for free. And, unlike other sources that focus on either Facebook or Instagram, they also offer training on YouTube and Google + (something that is hard to find — especially for free!)
  6. MIT Open Courseware. That’s right. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology offers a variety of course materials — including quite a bit for entrepreneurs and team building and leadership.