About my Tool Reviews

Wondering about my tool review policies? Wonder no more. Here is the rundown of my guidelines and policies for doing tool reviews.

Besides my own client work, part of my mission is to help people launch a successful freelance writing business at home. And I know just how hard it can be to learn the ropes of running a new business while juggling everything else that you need to learn and vet.

  • Which tools will help you manage your social media the best?
  • Which email marketing tools will work for you?
  • Which word processor will help you stay productive?
  • How can you get the most out of any of the tools available?

And, since I'm such a tool-hoarder (I seriously geek out over new tools – I have to try them all), it was a great way for me to get to have a bit of fun while you get an easy way to decide whether or not a tool will really work for you.

So, as you read through any of tool reviews, there are a few things I would like you to keep in mind:

  • I am never paid to write out a tool review. At times, I have been offered free access to a tool for the purposes of testing and reviewing; but in most cases once the review is written and published I relinquish that access. The only exception to this is for tools for which I may write multiple reviews or tutorials for.
  • For some of the tools I review, I do join their affiliate program after I've completed my tests and reviews and have decided that they would provide you with a valuable service or help further your business. This is because I believe that even though I may not use a particular tool all the time (how many email marketing service providers can I use, really?) I still deserve at least some compensation for my time and effort vetting and reviewing these tools and services to make sure they will work for you. And tool reviews that include affiliate links are clearly marked, and you are free to choose not to follow an affiliate link should you choose.

Do you have a tool you would like me to review?

If you have a tool you would like me to test and review, please review my policies below:

  1. I cater to the writing community: freelance writers, authors (fiction and nonfiction), bloggers, etc. Your tool should provide this audience with value that will either make their jobs or their lives easier.
  2. Having an affiliate program is not a prerequisite for me to review your tool.
  3. I do not accept monetary compensation for reviews, but would appreciate free access to the tool and all its features so I can give a fair assessment of its power and value.
  4. Agreeing to test your tool will not guarantee a review. If I have a positive experience and believe that your tool will give my audience something they need, I will write up a review. If I have a bad experience, I will give you my feedback privately, but will not make a public post on my site. This is to give you a chance to fix whatever was wrong before I share your tool with my audience, as well as to keep the negativity off my site.

Examples of tools I will review:

  • Time management tools
  • Online graphics and photo editors
  • Social media management or scheduling tools
  • SEO and Search Engine Marketing tools
  • Business management and administration tools
  • Writing and related tools
  • Insights and analytics tools
  • Any tool that will help streamline writing, business, and social media marketing processes.

Examples of tools I will not review:

  • Beauty, fashion, or related products. There are plenty of sites available where you can ask someone to use and review these things.
  • Baby or kids products. Even though I'm a work at home mother, and my audience is made up of primarily work at home mothers, I do not want to add these types of products to my site. There are already plenty of websites out there you can ask for mothers to use and review these types of products. They don't need to come here to read reviews on television shows, learning apps, or diapers.
  • Most shipped products. With the exception of books and planners, I do not review products that require getting shipped to me. Other tools should be available online or have an online digital version.
  • Windows-only apps and tools. I use a Mac operating system, so unless your tool or app is also available and works on a Mac, there is no way for me to use or review your tool.
  • Android-only tools. For the same reason as I stated above: I use an iPhone. So unless your tool or app can also work on an iPhone, I cannot use or review it on an Android.

If you'd like to send me a request to review your tool or service, please send your request over to naomi@helpmenaomi.com and I will be happy to find out more.


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