Anthology Submission Guidelines

When submitting your story to any anthology, please adhere to the following submission guidelines.

  • Stories must be typed in English.
  • Pieces must be your own, original work and previously unpublished in any format.
  • Size 12 font, Times New Roman in black.
  • Double-space your lines.
  • Do not include a double space after a full stop (period).
  • No paragraph indents.
  • No images, please. If you have specific images that you want to include with your story, use a text placeholder inside [brackets] to denote where the image will be placed inside your manuscript. There is a place for you to upload the original image with your submission.

Please tell us your name, the title of your story.

Please upload your manuscript (as a .doc or .docx) to this form.

We will be reading through and editing stories as we approve them into the Anthology, but you should send a clean manuscript. Please make sure your story is prepared for submission and is fully edited.

Author Bio: Please include a 150-300 word short author bio (written in the third person) in the space provided.

If you would like to remain anonymous, please type “Anonymous” in the space provided for your Author Name.

Multiple submissions: Please send only one submission.

Exclusivity of submissions: You may submit your work elsewhere while it is on submission to us. As a matter of fact, we encourage you to get your work out to as many places as you can. But please let us know as soon as you can, by email, if your work is accepted somewhere.

Submission deadline is October 31, 2022. We will wait until after the submission deadline to notify authors of their acceptance into FYP. Depending on the number of submission we receive, this may take some time. Please do not send us inquiries or emails, as such emails may slow the process.

Please do not reply to a rejection email. If you are not accepted to FYP, we will notify you and tell you why we could not accept your story. Please do not reply to the email with this notification as that will clog our emails and slow our process.

What we want from your story

Your story should focus on the central theme of human reproductive rights:

  • Abortion access/lack of access
  • Forced births
  • Hard choices
  • Privacy

But what we don't want is a collection of the same story following the same plot points told over and over again.

Your story may be told from any perspective or point of view, may be rooted in truth or completely made up, and can be from any genre. We are keeping these details completely open to encourage a variety of stories told from diverse voices.

Now for the needed and obligatory legal information

You own the copyright to everything you contribute to the FYP Anthology – even upon acceptance, it is still—and will always be—your work. And we would like to thank you for sharing it with us so graciously.

After publication in the FYP Anthology, you're free to take your work and re-publish it elsewhere. We only ask that you wait a discretionary period of 3 months after the anthology launch, currently scheduled for March 1, 2023, before submitting your work published with us, in full or in part, elsewhere for reprint.

The purpose of this Anthology is to promote and share original writing and great story telling centered on the theme of reproductive rights; to reprint your accepted story elsewhere could damage the value of the anthology pre-publication.

On receiving an acceptance for your submission to the FYP Anthology, you agree to allow the project leads, the publisher, their respective websites and social accounts a non-exclusive, continuing right and license to publish and distribute your contribution in print or electronic text or audio format, or any other format at our sole discretion indefinitely and globally.

You also give us permission to archive your work.

We reserve the right to make minor grammatical edits to your writing before publication.

We aim to donate 100% of all royalties for the FYP Anthology to the fight for human reproductive rights.

We are an inclusive group of authors and publishers and we welcome entries from everybody.


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