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“Start a blog” they say.

It'll be great for building your fan base” they say.

Sure. And for about a week as you write out the obligatory “welcome to my new blog, my name is Author N. Authorson and I write books and this blog will be about my journey and how I went about writing those books.”

But then what?

This is one of the questions I get asked the most, “what are some blog post ideas for fiction authors?

So, I've decided to put together a list of blog post ideas that fiction authors can use on their site.

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Blog Post Ideas for Fiction Authors

About your Characters

  1. Blog about the inspiration behind your characters. How did they come to you? What or who are they based on? How did you come up with their name?
  2. Blog about the character you just killed. Why did you kill them? How did you react to their death? What did their death mean to the other characters in your book?
  3. Blog about your character names. Is there a theme behind the names of your characters? What inspired them all? How do you come up with names?
  4. Blog about those deleted scenes. Why did you decide to delete them? What had inspired them in the first place? How did their deletion impact the story?
  5. Blog about characters not in your book. Who were your character's influences and parents that didn't make it into the book? Did they have a mentor when they were younger who wasn't included in the finished book?
  6. Blog about the other aspects of your characters that were cut from the story. What was their first job? What kind of food do they like to eat? Is there some detail that didn't make it into the book (or got cut from the book) that helped make them who they are?
  7. Blog about your characters in a different way. If you were to write a poem to one of your characters, what would it say? What if one character wrote a poem about another character? What about songs?
  8. Blog about your characters when they're not in your story. What types of food do they eat? What do they do on a date? What do they like to do on their day off when they aren't entertaining you?

About your Setting

  1. Blog about the inspiration behind the setting. Why did you choose that setting? What memories do you have of there? If it's a world you built, what did you base it on?
  2. Blog about the landmarks. What are some interesting landmarks or tourist traps in your setting? How and when did they get founded? What role do they play in the overall setting of your book?
  3. Blog about the businesses. What are some of the stores and shops that aren't really in your story that much. What role do they play in your setting? Do any of your characters have a favorite shop?
  4. Blog about the geography. What are some of the prettiest landscapes in your book? What about some of the most dangerous? Are there any stories or legends born straight out of the landscape?

About Yourself

  1. Blog about your inspiration for this story. Where were you when you came up with the initial idea? What made you decide to turn this idea into a book? What parts of this story are based on something that happened in your life?
  2. Blog about places you visit that helped inspire your story. Is there a coffee shop you frequent that made it into your story? Do you have a personal story about one of the other shops in your story? What's a memory you have from your childhood home that helped inspire your story?
  3. Blog about your influence in the story. Which of your personality traits show up as part of your characters? Do you have a shared history with one of your characters? What was it like learning about another point of view to include in your story?
  4. Blog about your journey with your characters. What did you learn about yourself as your characters journeyed through your story? What life lessons did you pick up as you continued to write your book? How have you changed or grown throughout the writing process and how does that show up in your writing?

About Your Readers

  1. Blog about a time you met one of your readers. Have you been to a book signing? Have you ever met a reader while you were out in public somewhere, like at a grocery store or at a book store? Do you have a photograph of you and one of your readers?
  2. Blog about a time a reader gave you a shout out on social media. Has anyone created a video in which they unboxed one of your books for the first time? Has one of your readers written a blog post or review of one of your books? Has another author posted a review about you or your book somewhere on social media?
  3. Blog about some things your readers like. Have any of your readers ever asked you a question about your books? Do your readers have a favorite scene or character? Have you ever based one of your characters on one of your readers?

About Your Life in General

  1. Blog about some of the books you like. Was there a book that inspired you as a writer? What is a book you could read over and over and over again? Who are some of your favorite characters?
  2. Blog about some other authors you like. Did another author inspire you to start writing? Have you ever met one of your favorite authors? If your favorite author were to read your book, what do you think they would say?
  3. Blog about book events. Is there a book signing happening soon? Are you getting ready to release or rerelease a new book? Do you have an author friend who is getting ready to release a new book?
  4. Blog about movies. Was there a movie that inspired you as a writer? What movie would you love to novelize? Is there ever a movie that is better than the book?

When all else fails, if you're really having a hard time coming up with blog post ideas, you can always ask your readers what they want to know about. Publish a post on your favorite social media platform and invite your readers to ask you a question. You can also use websites like Answer the Public to find ideas for even more blog post ideas.

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