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Save time and money and publish a beautiful book on Kindle using Microsoft Word.

About The Template

Have you ever picked up a Kindle book and found words jumbled together, sentences cutoff weirdly (or missing altogether), or other mistakes?

Stop fighting with complicated software trying to get your book formatted.

So… you're publishing a book and want to make sure it looks just as amazing for your readers as it looks for you.

No problem.

  • Type your manuscript right into the template to have styles applied automatically.
  • Copy and paste your completed manuscript into this template to clean up the type.
  • Skip the guesswork on how to make your book look great on Kindle.

Amazon and other self-publishing platforms have helped give a voice to authors who would otherwise be left behind. But most authors don't have publishing houses complete with professional book formatters stashed at home somewhere.

About the author.

Hi! I'm Naomi.

I started as a freelance web developer back in 2002. In 2004, I began ghostwriting novels and books for fiction and nonfiction alike. Finally, in 2006, I began niching down, specializing in web content for SEO, small business strategy and social media marketing.

In 2010, I almost quit freelance writing altogether. I was overworked, and underpaid and blaming everyone but myself. I went back to school for psychology and ended up learning more about myself than anything.

Today, I've ghostwritten more than 40 nonfiction books for small business and social media marketing experts.

This Kindle Formatting Template is the exact template I use to write and format every book for my clients to give them a clean, publish-worthy manuscript.

Naomi Nakashima

Free Kindle Formatting Template

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