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Despite many claims to the contrary, freelance statistics don't support the notion that this industry is saturated or slowing down any time soon. In fact, they predict just the opposite. Not only is freelancing finally starting to shed the stigma of being a step above unemployed, but more and more freelancers are finding financial freedom than ever before.

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Must-see Freelance Statistics for 2020

  1. Freelancers are multi-faceted. 95% of all freelancers vary their services in accordance to their clients, with a majority (61%) specializing in 2-3 talents.
  2. Diversifying their portfolio is more secure than having a single employer. In 2017, 63% of freelancers reported feeling more secure in self-employment than in having a traditional employer.
  3. The majority of all freelancers (73%) use online marketplaces to find clients, leaving every other method out there (such as email pitching and marketing their own site as part of an online platform) relatively untouched.
  4. Freelancing is growing more financially secure. In 2017, 79% of freelancers reported feeling as financially secure or more financially secure than they felt last year.
  5. Freelancers are more likely to live the life they want. Although both nonfreelancers and freelancers reported that lifestyle was more important to them than earnings, freelancers are more likely to get it.
  6. Work-life balance is more achievable. Although freelancers report feeling anxious about everything they have to juggle, 77% of freelancers report achieving a better work-life balance.
  7. Technology is making a positive impact. More than 75% of freelancers report that technology has made it easier for them to find work.
  8. The future looks bright. Nearly 90% of current freelancers feel optimistic about the industry's future.
  9. More and more people are freelancing. Projections show that by the year 2020, almost half of the United States workforce will be comprised of freelancers.
  10. Three of the top seven highest paying freelance career types are writing-related. As long as the Internet remains an integral part of how we live and work, writing is always going to be an important skill to have.
  11. The market is far from saturated. In 2017, only 17% of surveyed freelancers classified their work as writing-related, making up a relatively small corner of the freelance market.
  12. And what do freelancers want? 61% of freelancers reported wanting a stronger freelance community with collaboration opportunities.

All things considered, now is the perfect time to start freelance writing.

Is now the time for you to start freelance writing? Or is freelance writing just the latest trend to hit the economy? Over the past 17 years, I have watched as this industry has boomed. But nothing compares to seeing the numbers come up to support my love.

If you've been debating about getting started as a freelance writer, you may finally be able to end that debate. Numbers don't lie, and right now they are all pointing to up.

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