Get Paid to Write: 20 Sites That will Pay You $50 or More

Being able to get paid to write is the dream, right?

The good news is, you can! You just have to know where to look and who to ask.

How Can I Make Money Writing Online?

Writing is one of the best ways to get paid for working online. Whether you decide to start up a blog, launch a freelance writing career, or simply pitch story ideas to various online publications, you'll find that writing gives you the skills and flexibility to earn money without having to pay huge startup fees.

Can you Make Money Writing as a Beginner?

Absolutely! That's one of the best parts about being a freelance writer is that it doesn't take a lot of professional experience or formal education to make money writing. In fact, if you have the writing chops, you can start making good money fast even if you've never had a client before.

Do those Freelancing Websites Work?

Sometimes, if you know how to play the game. I know a lot of freelance writers who are able to at least get their start at some of these sites. The trick is to understand what these sites are there to do and who uses these sites to hire writers. Once you understand these two things, you'll have a better chance of using these sites to your advantage rather than being taken advantage of.

How Much Money Can you Make Writing?

The best way to answer this is by asking a counter question: how much money do you want to earn from your writing, and how much writing do you want to do to earn that?

The truth is, the sky's the limit when it comes to how much you can earn for writing. But it's not going to be easy. It's up to you to determine your worth and set your rates accordingly. There are going to be clients (or would-be clients) who think they can pay you next to nothing or take advantage of your talents. It's up to you to see that they don't.

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What are Some Sites where I Can Get Paid to Write?

1. Chicken Soup for the Soul ($200)

Have a short, inspiring story to tell? Then Chicken Soup for the Soul wants to read it! If they publish your story, they'll pay you $200 one month later. Not bad for 1200 words, right?

2. Income Diary ($200 – $500)

Are you an expert in making money online, building amazing websites, social media, or creating content? If so, then you may be just the person Income Diary is looking for.

3. LiisBeth ($200 – $2000)

Have a feminist perspective about being an entrepreneur? Want to help other female entrepreneurs find their footing? LiisBeth pays good money for premium content aimed at the feminist entrepreneur.

4. WPHub ($100 – $200)

Fancy yourself a WordPress expert? WPHub will pay you to share that expertise with their audience. But don't think you can get in by merely pitching a review of a theme or plugin…you'll need to really bring your know-how A-game.

5. Transitions Abroad ($75 – $150)

If you have extensive knowledge about working abroad, then Transitions Abroad is looking for you. Transitions Abroad is more than just a travel publication – they provide guides on culturally immersive working environments.

6. Motorhome ($100 – $900)

Are you an RV enthusiast, or do you know someone who is? Motorhome is a newsstand magazine that will pay you top dollar for an article about any motorized RV.

7. iWorkwell ($200)

iWorkwell focuses on human resources-related content, such as benefits, leadership, talent management and more. They assign articles on a case by case basis based on expertise and availability, and pay $200 for a well-written article.

8. Listverse ($100)

Are you good at putting together lists? Then Listverse might be just the site for you. For every list they publish, they'll pay you $100. Just make sure your list is original and has at least 10 items on it.

9. B. Michelle Pippin ($50 – $150)

If you are an expert in time management, marketing, or other business related topics that will help other entrepreneurs increase their income and influence, then B. Michelle wants to hear from you! Just note, she's looking for experts who want to write, not generalist writers.

10. Fantasy & Science Fiction (Up to $3,000)

Have a science fiction story you'd like to share? Fantasy and Science Fiction magazine pays between $0.08 and $0.12 per word for your story of 25,000 words or less! Just make sure your story is publish-worthy and fully edited before you send it in.

11. Writer's Digest (Up to $1,200)

The “Number 1 Magazine for Writers,” Writer's Digest pays $0.30 to $0.50 per word for the first world-wide printing of your article, and 25% should they reprint or repurpose your article later.

12. FreelanceMom ($75 – $100 PLUS Possible bonus)

Share your freelancing story along with actionable advice to the readers of FreelanceMom. If you're a working mother, they want to hear from you.

13. Slick WP ($100)

Another WordPress-centered website looking for high-quality articles about WordPress, Slick WP is specifically looking for WordPress and Genesis-related tutorials and reviews.

14. SitePoint ($150 – $200)

Are you an expert in CSS, HTML, and SASS? If you know webdesign and design services – and can share your expertise with others – then SitePoint is looking for you.

15. YourOnline.Biz ($100)

If you have a unique perspective about owning and operating a business, growing a business, and doing it all online, then YourOnline.Biz wants to hear from you. They are accepting pitches for anything related to online and freelance work.

16. Reader's Digest ($100)

Everyone has a story to tell. And if the people at Reader's Digest like yours, they'll pay you $100 for it.

17. A Fine Parent ($75)

Although they only open up for submissions a couple times per year, if you've got expert advice on parenting that can help others, A Fine Parent wants to hear from you.

18. Cicada (Up to $2250)

Cicada is a YA Lit / Comics magazine geared toward younger readers. They accept stories and poems, and will pay $0.25 per word for a story and $3.00 per line for a poem.

19. The American Scholar ($250 – $500)

Patience is a virtue at The American Scholar. As a quarterly magazine, it can sometimes take months before you learn whether or not your submission has been accepted. But the payoff is good and they accept stories, essays, and articles on a variety of topics.

20. Early American Life ($500 and Up)

Another publication where your patience and planning is going to pay off. Early American Life works their content out a year in advance. If you have knowledge and a passion about history or architecture in America, they accept submissions from new and seasoned writers.

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