Freelance Fast Track

Ready to give your freelance writing career a real boost? This freelance writing course will jumpstart your business.

Get More Clients

Learn proven techniques for finding clients fast.

Make More Money

Learn how to set your rates and charge more money.

Make the Shift

Learn the key mindset shifts that will change your career.
Freelance Fast Track

Freelance Fast Track

Get inside information about the future of freelance writing

3 Lessons

An introduction to the course, to freelance writing in general, and a brief look at where the future of freelance writing is headed.

Essentials for Freelance Writing Business Success

7 Lessons

Learn the foundational elements you need to succeed as a freelance business owner and how to set them up.

Mindset Shifts to Take you from Side-Hustler to Full Time

5 Lessons

Learn the essential mindset shifts between writing as a hobby and writing as a career, plus tips on how to achieve them.

Worksheets, Templates, and Checklists to get you Started

10 Bonuses

Get a variety of worksheets, templates, and checklists so you can get started right away — including invoices and contracts!

Core Skills you will need to learn and develop to succeed

4 Lessons

Discover exactly what your clients are looking for and how to give it to them (hint, it's more than spelling and grammar).

Self-Paced Videos with Lifetime Access


Go through the videos in an afternoon or take your time and review each over and over. Get future updates or a refresher anytime.

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Why Freelance Fast Track?

Get Started on the Right Foot

Starting a new adventure as a freelance writer and getting paid to write doesn't have to be difficult. This course will tell you exactly where to start.

Build your Foundation

The lessons in this course are designed to help you build the foundation for a successful business, from which you can flourish.

Don't Get Taken Advantage Of

I'm tired of people saying that new freelance writers have to pay their dues before they can charge what they're worth. Avoid low-paying clients.

Learn How to Stand Out

Whether you're still using a bidding site to find clients, pitching emails, or using social media, learn the key to standing out from others offering the same services

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Over 90 Minutes of Value-Packed Videos

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Get your freelance writing business up and running while skipping the confusion and overwhelm.


Why Learn With Me?


Established for Over 17 Years

This course is based on everything I've learned over the past 17 years as a freelancer.


I Believe in the Future of Freelancing

I want clients and freelancers alike to take us seriously, and that means we need more of us.


I Want Bad Bidding Sites to Close

I know, I am never actually going to get the bidding sites to close. But if I can save just a few freelancers from them, I'll be happy.


I Want you to Like Me

Kinda. I want you to succeed because if you succeed you'll tell others to come learn, too.


What Others Have to Say

“Naomi’s Freelance Fast Track course is such a valuable resource! I found it at the start of my freelance journey when I was feeling really lost on my next steps, but the advice and guidance she offers through this course was eye-opening!

I was able to sit down, write out my business plan and mission statement, and focus on cold pitching – which lead to my very first client! This course is such a confidence boost, especially when it comes to knowing my worth and setting my rates.

She tells you what clients want, how to adopt their voice, and how to keep clients from walking all over you. Also, the templates Naomi provides at the end are straightforward and perfect. I cannot recommend this course enough! Thanks Naomi!”

Emily Rader

Over 90 Minutes of Value-Packed Videos

Get your Business Started on the Right Foot with this freelance writing course.

Stop letting clients walk all over you just because you're “new” to freelance writing. Learn how to set up your freelance writing business the right way, how to create vision for the future, and how to stand out in a growing industry.


Frequently Asked Questions

When does this course start and end?

The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course – you decide when you start and when you finish.

How long do I have access to this course for?

How does lifetime access sound? After registering, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like – across any and all devices you own.

How long is this course?

All together, there are 20 videos that add up to just over 90 minutes of play time. You can go through them as quickly or as slowly as you like.

What if I need extra help?

At any point during this course if you need extra help, shoot me an email at

Is this course refundable?

Given the nature of this course and how quickly you can go through the materials, I'm afraid there are no refunds for this course.

Who is this course for?

This course is for anyone looking to start or revamp a freelance writing business and needs a little extra help with where to start.

I've already been freelancing for a while, will this course help me?

If your freelance writing business seems stuck, if you're having trouble standing out, or if you just can't seem to get to the next level, yes this course can help.

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Stop letting clients take advantage of you just because you're new to freelance writing.

You're a great writer. Now it's time to help you become a successful writer. And Freelance Fast Track is the perfect first step to get you there.


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