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Build Your Legacy Faster with the Business Book in a Box Toolkit

Writing a book is one of the best ways to build your brand's legacy.

Unfortunately, the process can be tedious, time consuming, and filled with pitfalls.

This Business Book in a Box will guide you through the process of using the content you already have to develop and publish your book without the hassles and without having to hire expensive ghostwriters.

Here's Everything Included in this Toolkit:

Get your book planned and written in no time with these tools:

Turn Your Blog into a Book

Why not use the content you've already got? This guide will walk you step by step through how to choose articles you've already written and bring them together into one compelling book you can publish.

Lead Magnets for Your Book

Writing a book that builds your email list isn't hard if you've got the right lead magnets. This guide will walk you through how to choose the best ones to offer your readers and how to place the calls to action throughout your book.

A woman sitting on the floor in front of a pile of books, engrossed in reading "how to pants a novel.
Book Outline Template

Not sure where to start? This outline template will walk you through some of the basic info to get you started, including your book positioning, the outline, and the placement of your lead magnets.

Book Self-Assessment

Now that your book is finished, is it ready to print? This worksheet will help you walk through a complete, near-pro-level assessment of your manuscript to make sure it's in top shape before you move forward through the publishing process.

Share Your Story.
Build Your Legacy.
Write Your Book.


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Kindle Formatting Without the Headache

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