Jamberry nail wraps are durable both on and off your fingernails. They can resist a lot, and survive quite a bit of abuse from you. For the most part, the second your nail wraps arrive to the second you apply them onto your fingertips, they will be flexible, pliable sheets of beautiful nail art.

If you live in a hot climate, such as southern Texas or southern Arizona, where temperatures sit consistently over 110 degrees Fahrenheit for days or weeks at a time, there may be a concern that the heat could damage your nail wraps. Particularly if they sit out in the mailbox under the hot sun for several hours.

The good news is, your nail wraps can survive this. Even after days sitting out in the hot sun, the adhesive will be in tact. Just bring them inside and let them sit at room temperature for at least a day to make sure they’ve cooled down to room temperature before trying to apply them, and they will work just fine.

Should you choose not to wait the full day, your nail wraps will still work. The heat will not damage the adhesive in any way. However, as the wraps are made of vinyl, the extreme heat makes them vulnerable to stretching. And just as with overheating or with filing your nails too early before they’ve cooled down, working with hot wraps leaves them stretched over your nails. And as they cool, they may lift and pucker.

Barring the extreme weather conditions, Jamberry nail wraps do best when stored in a cool, dry area. If you have the Jamberry application kit or the deluxe application kit, the bag will hold several sheets of your Jamberry nail wraps without issue. But, of course, Jamberry is addictive. And getting them at the awesome deal of Buy Three Get One Free means it’s easy to build up a collection fast. Once you’ve acquired enough to outgrow your small Jamberry bag, you may want to move up to photo albums to keep your Jamberries stored and organized.