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What? What?

What is it that serious writers do?

What is it serious writers do?

This is one of my biggest pet peeves: people assuming that if you don't do what they do then you must not be as serious as they are about writing.

Do you want to know what serious writers do?

They write. They plan. They outline. They throw outlines out the window. They smash windows. They work a day job. They loath themselves. They are parents. They work from home. They ache. They scream with pride when they finish a chapter.

Or a scene.

Or a page.

They tell stories. They stare at blank documents on their computer screens and sigh. They miss days of writing. They make mistakes.

Go into any group where the writers talk about themselves and not necessarily about the writing process, and you'll see: there is no such thing as a writer who is not serious about writing.

As soon as a person sits down and starts to write that book or short story (which often happens before that person takes on the title of “writer”) a writer is born.

That's all there is to it.