Jamberry Myth #1 – The Market is Saturated

I wanted to stop for a moment and talk a bit about a complaint I hear from a lot of people (also known as “Jamberry Myth #1):

“There are too many Jamberry consultants; the market is saturated. How can anyone possibly make any money.”

Um… what?

Now, it is true that Jamberry has seen tremendous growth, especially this year. Why, in February alone more than 4000 new consultants signed up.

In February. Can you imagine that kind of growth? That’s over 48,000 new consultants a year. On top of the consultants we already have.

And you know new consultants. They’re hungry. They go out ready to ask everyone they meet if they’ve heard of these amazing Jamberry Nail Wraps.

And Jamberry is quickly becoming a household name. The first time I mentioned Jamberry to people, almost no one knew what I was talking about. Now if I mention Jamberry to someone, I get answers like:

Oh yea! I’ve heard of them!”
I have a friend who sells those!”

And sometimes even the dreaded

Ugh, please tell me you don’t sell those things.”

So I can understand why so many people think there are more of us than there really are. But here are some things to consider before you start thinking that there are more consultants than customers, or that there are too many consultants for any of us to really be able to make much money:

  1. Only about 1/3 of the consultants are truly active. Most of the rest are hobbyists, joined for the personal discount, or got busy with other things.
  2. It works. I mean think about it. Even with all the dumb people you know in the world (and I’ve met a few doozies myself) do you really think a company could survive by scheming so many new consultants a year? They have to be making money, right? At least some of them.
  3. How many people do you think you can provide service to at a high level of satisfaction? 200? 500? What about the rest of the people around you? How will they get good service? Multiple representatives of a good company promotes growth for each rep because it elevates customer service.
If you’re really concerned about market saturation, I suspect the problem isn’t that there are too many consultants in your area, but rather that you don’t know how to stand out amongst them. After all, if you’re one of five (or ten, or thirty, or a hundred) consultants in your area — why should someone buy from you?
But that is a topic for another night.

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