Headquarters: EcchiToons

URL: https://www.ecchitoons.com/

EcchiToons/Manga Asia – We need someone with proven experience with LINE ads, marketing manager skills to lead EcchiToons Manga in Thailand!
EcchiToons is an exclusive, collectible ecchi manga subscription.

Only applicants from Thailand, or Thai born, please!

We are looking for:
Thai Marketing Manager that is responsible for ideating, executing, measuring, optimizing, and reporting on all marketing initiatives. The Marketing Manager will work directly with the owner to set KPIs and then execute and lead their team to meeting/exceeding those KPIs’s. This includes but is not limited to Email, SMS, Social Media, Content, Video, Messenger, PPC, LINE, display, print, E-commerce shop(s), website, landing pages, copy, and imagery. 

The Marketing Manager will work with the owner to make recommendations for budget allocation for all marketing efforts. The Marketing Manager is eligible to meet with the owner as needed, on up to a daily basis, for mentoring, guidance, and high level strategy and planning. However, the Marketing Manager must be virtually autonomous when it comes to team management and all execution, as well as meeting/exceeding KPIs. 

You must:
  • Have 3+ years experience in a marketing role of some kind
  • Speak native Thai and fluent English (written and spoken)
  • Preferably live in Thailand, Bangkok
  • Experience managing a marketing team of at least 5 people
  • 3+ experience with LINE ads – media buying, line ads
  • 3+ years experience with a major ESP, implementing, testing, and reporting on email and SMS marketing automation
  • 3+ years of demonstrable E-commerce team lead experience INCLUDING at least 15k per month in sales, proven experience
  • 3+ years of demonstrable experience setting, meeting and/or exceeding growth targets 
  • 2+ years experience with automation, including Zapier, and have an ‘let’s automate it’ approach to work/workflows
  • Have outstanding attention to detail, nothing should get by you
  • Be willing to take the lead on execution
  • Be an excellent copywriter
  • Be able to take initiative 
  • Be able to create efficient workflow processes and detailed SOPs

Here are some of the things you’ll be doing:
  • Email Marketing (Drip)
  • SMS Marketing (Drip)
  • LINE Marketing 
  • Assisting with branding: look/feel, target audience personas, copy, etc
  • Lots of marketing automation buildout, ongoing optimization, and reporting: Email/LINE/SMS using Drip and similar
  • Leading a digital marketing team to successfully execute and report on your marketing strategies 
  • Creating polls/surveys and more to find out as much as possible about our current target audience, as well as experimenting with new audiences / personas
  • Creating entire lead generation sequences (Content > Option > Extra Data Collection > Lead Magnet Deliverable > Targeted Follow-up Lead Nurture, and then ongoing optimization and reporting on this)

Here is what you already need to have experience with (all are required):
  • HotJar or similar
  • LINE and similar
  • Drip or Similar
  • Typeform or similar
  • Asana or similar
  • Zapier 

That means that you:
  • Must be incredibly self-motivated and really eager to create (and prove) your ROI
  • Will work closely with the owner
  • Have to be stoked about working in a position that requires you to perform and rewards you for it
  • Shouldn’t care about fluff (think: anything done by a Silicon Valley startup…) and should care about ROI

Perks & Benefits
Salary: Monthly from 1.5k to 3k (depends on experience) American dollars with a lot of room for bonuses and increase salary by 15% if the target is hit! The earning potential is great, because this is a performance-based position. If you hit sales KPIs, you can significantly increase your earning.

🔨 Hardware
If you need something, buy it. Just make sure you need it and will use it for work. Examples include computers (and similar devices, such as an iPad Pro), an office chair or air filter, or fixing the hole in the wall. Just keep it within reason and for work, please!

🤯 Continuing Education: Want to take a course, get a certification, buy a book, or attend a conference? Make a post about it and pitch it. If you state your case well, it’s likely to be approved.

🙏 Giving: you’re giving your time to a humanitarian or witnessing cause, you may take a paid day off each month to do so. If you’re giving of your money to such a cause, let’s discuss matching that donation.

🔥 Free EcchiToons Manga for you!

Please send your CV and Portfolio here
IMPORTANT: All applications that does not face the requirement above will be automatically denied. The essential requirements are experience in e-commerce (LINE ), native Thai, based in Thailand (other options could be negotiable), management skills, and proven expertise with making at least 15k per month in sales. Good Luck!

To apply: https://weworkremotely.com/remote-jobs/ecchitoons-thai-marketing-manager

Source: We Work Remotely: Copywriting Jobs