ManyChat Templates for Writers

ManyChat for Facebook Messenger may as well have been made for writers.

Here are the best ManyChat templates you can use to in your messenger marketing strategy to connect with and talk to your clients.

What makes them the best? Well, normally I would want to start tooting my horn and answering with something like “because I made them.” But in this case, that really is the answer: because I made them. And as a recognized ManyChat Agency Partner and and ManyChat Educator Partner, I know ManyChat inside and out.

  • How to implement a chatbot into your writing business and get results
  • Best practices for Facebook messenger marketing
  • The best way to leverage ManyChat‘s features as a writer

Available ManyChat Templates:

Why ManyChat?

It's the perfect tool for scaling your conversations.

What do I mean? Glad you asked.

Think about the level of customer service you provide to your customers. I bet it's awesome, right? You're probably attentive and able to answer questions right away.

Now, how many of those conversations can you have every single day with different clients before it starts cutting into your work time? How much writing are you getting done while you're trying to juggle all those messages? And what about talking to new clients? Do they ever end up stuck on the back burner while you take care of higher-paying current clients?

ManyChat helps take care of all that. With ManyChat templates, you'll be able to put together a system utilizing Facebook Messenger that will help capture and nurture those potential clients while helping you take care of existing clients and most of it can be done without coding, without a whole lot of technical know-how, and (best of all) without being a drain on your expenses.

How to use these ManyChat Templates

After your purchase, you'll receive a PDF file that contains full information and steps to install your new template.

Each of these ManyChat templates was designed to slip right into your existing chatbot set up. Just install, customize, and start chatting!

You can get more help on installing your templates onto ManyChat from their site.


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