Nonfiction Book Outline Template

End overwhelm and get your book written. This template will help you outline your nonfiction book so you can stop thinking about it and get published.

[Working Book Title]

[Working Book Subtitle]

By [Your Author Name]

About This Book
Working Title:
Working Sub-Title:
  • Planning
  • Writing
  • Editing
  • Prepare for Publishing
  • Book Launch
Anticipated Publication Date:
Target Word Count: 
Possible Chapter Count:
Book Positioning:

How do you want this book to serve your readers (what three things will they get out of it)?

What are your objectives for this book (what will you get out of it)?

How will you know when this book has met or exceeded your expectations?



Your Audience:

Who is your ideal reader?

Describe your Primary Audience.

Describe your Secondary Audience.

Describe your Outliers / Demographics.

Describe the General Public.

What pain is your idea reader experiencing because they haven’t read your book yet:
What will your ideal reader’s life or business look like once they read your book:
Book Synopsis/Summary
Chapter Brainstorming
Brain Dump:
Saved for Later:
Table of Contents:

Chapter One Title

Chapter Two Title

Chapter Three Title

Chapter Four Title

Chapter Five Title

Chapter Six Title

Chapter Seven Title

Chapter Eight Title

Chapter Nine Title

Chapter Ten Title

Chapter One:



1-2 Key Audience Takeaways:

Supporting facts, research, and content:

Supporting personal story:

Conclusion / Wrap Up:

Chapter Two:



1-2 Key Audience Takeaways:

Supporting facts, research, and content:

Supporting personal story:

Conclusion / Wrap Up:

About the author.

Hi! I'm Naomi.

I started as a freelance web developer back in 2002. In 2004, I began ghostwriting novels and books for fiction and nonfiction alike. Finally, in 2006, I began niching down, specializing in web content for SEO, small business strategy and social media marketing.

In 2010, I almost quit freelance writing altogether. I was overworked, and underpaid and blaming everyone but myself. I went back to school for psychology and ended up learning more about myself than anything.

Today, I've ghostwritten more than 40 nonfiction books for small business and social media marketing experts.

This is the exact outlining template I use to help every client brainstorm their book, from nailing the perfect topic to incorporating the perfect stories to make an impact.

Now I can help you do the same.

Naomi Nakashima

Nonfiction Book Outline Template

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