Policies and Legal Disclosures

Are you wondering if you're being tracked while you're on my site? Or whether or not I'm using cookies? Want to know why I use affiliate marketing or how I choose which products to recommend?

You'll find all the answers to data, privacy, and everything in between here:

ADA Compliance Statement: details about my efforts to make sure this site is accessible to everyone.

Cookie Policy: details why this site uses cookies and what those cookies will do.

Copyright and Usage Policy: details how you can use images or quotes from this site in your own works.

Full Affiliate Disclosure: details my personal policies regarding the use and promotion of certain affiliate programs and products.

Privacy Policy: details the type of data this site collects from its visitors, what that data is used for, and what we do to store and protect that data.

Terms and Conditions: details the terms and conditions to which you agree to abide when you use this site.