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I can't wait until just a little time has passed so I can read this again. Let's start there.

Still riding on Destruction: The December People, Book One,Sharon Bayliss drew me in right away with Watch Me Burn: The December People, Book Two and I couldn't put it down. I immediately hated and loved the Prescotts.

The Vandergraff's are wonderfully flawed, confident, perfect, and insecure all wrapped into one enigmatic and functionally dysfunctional family. That's right: functionally dysfunctional family.

My favorite scene (this might be a spoiler, but it's not absolutely crucial to the overall plot of the book. Still, if you're trying to avoid spoilers, skip this paragraph) is when the sisters are arguing in the bedroom. I can imagine when I was younger, my younger and much more extroverted sister casting a spell on me to keep me too confused to be able to read a book. I would have been devastated. It could have been quite possibly the worst thing my sister could have done to me – if she'd had the power.

All in all, this book has clinched my fate with this series. I can't wait to discover what else Sharon Bayliss has in store for the Vandergraff's.

Star Rating 5 out of 5.

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