Plan, write, and publish your book

and stake your claim as an industry leader

(without the raging overwhelm, crippling tech hangups, and nightmarish “what-do-I-do-next” syndrome).

You have a great idea for a book you want to write, but you're not sure where to start, how to talk about it, or what you need to do to get it published. 

In an ideal world, you'd wake up with a great idea for for a book to write, sit down at a computer or a laptop, and write the book. Then you'd have an editor edit the book, a publisher publish the book, and readers read the book.

And boom — you'd be author.

Unfortunately, this isn't an ideal world. And there are several hoops you have to jump through before your idea can become a book. And there's no solid roadmap that tells you exactly what you need to do and helps you tracks your progress.

Until now.


Imagine spending your time writing your book instead of wasting hours trying to figure out what to do next?

What would happen? … Let me ask my crystal ball.

  • You have an outline ready for your book in no time.
  • You'd sit down and write your book confidently, knowing your answers are all in there.
  • You'd know exactly what to post on social media to let your audience know about your book.
  • You'd know exactly what to do when to move your book through the publishing process.
  • You'd be able to do all this without feeling overwhelmed, stressed out, or feeling that ache that you've forgotten something.

Now only is this possible, but I've created the exact system that will help you do it.


The proven project management system that guarantees you can keep track of every step of the publishing process and finally squash that feeling of overwhelm.







How is Trello different from other project management systems?

While most project management systems out there are really good at helping you manage one type of activity, Trello is powerful enough and flexible enough to help you manage every part of writing and publishing your next book:

  • Keep your entire launch team on the same page with shared boards and lists.
  • Boost productivity with automated workflows.
  • Stay in sync with apps available on any device.
  • Collaborate on one or more projects at a time with due dates, calendars, tasks, attachments, and notes.
  • As intuitive as moving around sticky notes on a whiteboard and as powerful as carrying a day planner for each project.


Includes Four Board Templates:

New Book Checklist
Social Media Planner
Book Launch Plan
Links and Tools
  • Lose the overwhelm! Learn the exact steps you need to take you from planning to marketing your book.
  • Stay organized. Track your progress through each stage easily with Trello's drag-and-drop interface.
  • Move at your own pace. Go through each step in your own time or add due dates to keep the momentum up.


  • Build engagement with your readers! Use the included prompts to help your readers interact with you.
  • Use the included prompts and save time. Includes two weeks of prompts on four channels — 56 prompts in all.
  • Learn what works and what didn't. Easily track which posts worked and which ones didn't, then tweak your strategy.


  • Understand every deadline. Simply set your release date and work out the steps you need from there.
  • Track your crucial dates. Stay on top of major milestones in the publishing process and keep things moving.
  • Easy-to-read format. You won't waste any time trying to figure out when you need to do what.


  • Keep everything handy. Tools, resources, links, books, related blog posts – keep everything together in one place.
  • Never lose another link or password. Keep everything you need together in this handy reference board.
  • Save time and space. Gather your research, swipe copy, and inspiration for every step of your book and keep it all here.


Get Instant Access to These Trello Board Templates

Grab all four Trello Board Templates for one great price. Everything you need to plan, write, publish, and market your book all in one amazing, easy-to-use system that isn't going to cost you weeks to learn how to use.


Whether you're a new author who's feeling completely overwhelmed by the entire publishing process, or a more experienced author who is just looking for an easier way to keep track of everything, you are not alone.

I have helped nearly one hundred clients navigate the publishing process to get their books out, and they all felt just as overwhelmed.

That's why I decided to build this system.

How it Works:

Who am I?

Hi! I'm Naomi, and I'm here to help.

I've been a freelance writer for 17 years. And in that time, I have helped dozens of small business owners write and publish their nonfiction book.

Nearly all of them came to me with the same feeling of overwhelm: I don't know where to start.

These Trello Boards are based on the exact steps I used to help my clients navigate the publishing process and get their books off to a successful launch.

Are these templates right for you?

  • You've got a great idea for a book you want to write, but you aren't sure where to start.
  • You are a visual thinker and like to see your plans laid out in an organized manner.
  • Your last book launch felt unorganized or you missed some important steps that cost you.
  • You want to be able to control how your book navigates through the publishing process.
  • You need a central place to store your launch notes, research, reviews, and ad copy.

If you've read this far, you owe it to yourself to take an honest look at the answers to some of these questions:

What if one of these boards…
helps streamline your launch and saves you hours of time and research?

What if one of these boards…
teaches you something about the publishing process you didn't already know?

What if one of these boards…
helps give you a solid social media plan that will connect you with your readers?

What if one of these boards…
helps free up 4-7 hours of research time?

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use the free version of Trello?

You can! A free Trello account has everything you need to use these templates. Or you can upgrade to a Gold-level account to add Powerups and get even more out of these templates.

Can I edit these templates?

Your sure can! I did my best to make sure these templates had everything you could possibly need. Now all you need to do is add lists, add cards, remove, reorder, and rearrange to your heart's content.

Can I use these for a client?

Nope! Sorry. You can buy and use these for any of your personal and business needs short of selling, distributing, or using them for anyone else. However, you can upgrade your order and purchase a PLR (Private Label Rights) license, which will allow you to use these boards for your clients or even sell them, if you want. For a full description of what you can and cannot do with a PLR license, check out this page here.

How much time will it take me to set up?

Almost no time at all! Follow the instructions to save the templates to your own Trello account, and start using them right away. All the prompts, checklists, and deadline suggestions are already done for you.

What if I have never used Trello before?

Don't worry! I chose to build this system on Trello precisely because of how easy it is to learn (and did I mention free to sign up?). The tasks are separated into Trello's drag-and-drop system, which is easy to learn and easy to use.

Can I use these for a fiction book?

Absolutely! While most of my clients have been small business owners looking to write a nonfiction book, the process can easily be duplicated to work for a fiction book as well. The checklists and process is virtually the same, and the social media prompts would just need minor tweaking to be made relevant to your book.

Get Instant Access to These Trello Board Templates

Grab all four Trello Board Templates for one great price. Everything you need to plan, write, publish, and market your book all in one amazing, easy-to-use system that isn't going to cost you weeks to learn how to use.


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