The most productive unproductive day ever

Yesterday was, well, a very odd day for me. You see, I had started out with a fairly short but important-to-me list of things that I needed to finish so that I could feel like I was making some progress with Heir of Elendri:

  1. Check in with my BetaReader (currently reading Chapters 1-10)
  2. Finish rewriting Chapter 11
See, simple, right?
But, when I checked in with my BetaReader (a good friend who is not afraid of hurting my feelings) she admitted that she has not yet been able to start reading the pages that I sent to her. She’s got a to-read list of about 30 books, she’s a full time college student, and she’s a regular social butterfly with her own writing projects happening.
Now, at first I was, admittedly, a little depressed at the news. I have been so excited about this manuscript – but I know that the more excited I get means the more I need a BetaReader to help me keep my feet on the ground and a pair of fresh eyes. But my heart is ready to leap to the next steps and start sending this manuscript out to editors, publishers, literary agents – anyone who might be able to get it published. And here I am, stuck at a stop sign.
Now, here’s one of my problems – I don’t know anyone. Part of the problem of being so introverted is not being in many situation in which you can just go out and make friends. Notice, I didn’t say not making friends – I don’t even go to places where I might be able to make friends. At least, not very often, and not without friends. Therein lies my issue. How can I meet more readers if I can’t get out to meet more readers?
And I’ve looked at various writing groups and they are intriguing, but they either have restrictions or rules that I am not comfortable with, or the genres are not what I am interested in, or they are too close to my own writing style and genre which makes it difficult to get new feedback.
That’s not to say that I don’t have any friends. I have several – but most of them live so far away that it’s not easy to just send each other our works in progress and expect a fast turnaround on feedback.
So, today, I started my own online writing group using Asana (software that is known for project management and – as it turns out – is free for teams under 15 people!). This tool is amazing. I always liked Asana as a project management tool – with the ability to create, edit, assign, and complete tasks and projects. Why I didn’t think of using this for my writing projects before is beyond me. I’m really disappointed in the number of years that I could have been taking advantage of this great tool. But instead I will just be absolutely psyched that me and my friends can all use this group as a team to work on and inspire each other even across state borders and oceans.
So, yea, I didn’t get anything done on my original to-do list, but now I have a new, shiny to-do list built in Asana that puts the first one to shame. To shame I tell ya!
And by the way, if you’re interested in being a BetaReader for Heir of Elendri, let me know!

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