That’s right. I’ve jumped on.
Believe me, I resisted for as long as I could. I’m not a huge fan of Microsoft Anything, but I knew Microsoft Word. I was comfortable with Microsoft Word. And I knew my way around its many (many!) weaknesses. And just like with anything else, change is uncomfortable. Even when you know that the change is good for you, it’s always uncomfortable.
Remind me to tell you about my hand trick sometime that will illustrate that.
Anyway, Scrivener…
So a little while ago I downloaded the free trial of Scrivener because just about every writer I know is using it and touting about it’s many God-like powers. And me?
I hated it. 🙁
There were so many features that seemed so cool, but the learning curve! I might as well have been trying to learn algebra before learning my ABCs. I mean the learning curve is pretty stiff. And, as you’ll notice on my Works in Progress page, I have a lot already done in Microsoft Word. The idea of trying to revamp, reorder, reorganize, and redo all that work just to get it going in Scrivener was overwhelming. So overwhelming that I gave up on the idea altogether and got rid of the software after only one week out of my 30 day free trial.
And now – it’s back.

The Scrivener Bandwagon

You see, my husband bought me the software as an early Christmas gift. I’m not sure exactly how he even heard about it, but he did, and now I was faced with the choice to force myself to learn this new software and abandon my weak, quirky, buggy, but all too comfortable Microsoft Word or hurt his feelings and make him feel like he had wasted his money. Guess which one I chose?
Yea, two days later and I have completely given up on ever hoping to get my work neatly imported over. But I have moved Heir of Elendri: Destiny’s Lure over into Scrivener as I finish editing. So far, I am very happy that I did. Although getting started with this software was not fun (not even a little bit!) once I got going I have noticed how easy it is to work with.
And, I should also note, the learning curve that had me so freaked out only really applies when trying to move existing projects over. Starting up new projects seems to be a breeze.
I’ll let you know as I uncover more about it. But so far, I am glad for the bandwagon making another pass over this way.