Get Personalized Advice to Plan and Write Your Book

This custom GPT is trained on my coaching methods to help you learn how to write your book while you plan, write, and get ready to publish your story for the world.

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It's Like Having a Writing Coach At Your Service 24/7

ChatGPT Is Great For A Lot Of Things…

But let's face it, ChatGPT can't write your story.

And with the time you'll spend trying to train it to write your story and sound like you, you could write your story!

That's why I've developed this Custom GPT.

Instead of handing you a bunch of prompts that may or may not help you write your book, only for you to then spend hours and hours going through and trying to edit the bland story that the AI was able to print out for you, I used my knowledge and expertise to train this collection of GPTs to support you through the process almost as if we were in a strategy session together.

Not only will this private GPT help you put together your book, but through weekly exercises, it will even build a course custom just for you that teaches you how to write your book based on your needs and goals.

Learn How to Write a Book

Whatever version of BookGPT you go with, this private GPT will put together weekly writing exercises designed to teach you how to write a compelling story based on your experiences and inspiration.

Plan and Write Your Book

As you work through your custom course, BookGPT will help put together a plan and an outline for your book.

Receive Feedback and Support

Every private GPT inside BookGPT Suite has been trained to offer support and encouragement through the sometimes messy process of book-writing as well as actionable, constructive feedback of your writing when you ask for it.

What is BookGPT Suite Trained On?

Each GPT in the Suite has been trained the the most relevant tool from my arsenal—every tool, experience, and lesson I've learned in 20+ years as a freelance ghostwriter:

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Outlining Books and Memoirs

Each GPT has been trained with an in-depth blog post and upgraded guide walking through how I apply the Save the Cat screenplay formula to plan a compelling book of that genre.

Memoir and Outline Toolkit

The Ultimate Memoir Writing Starter Pack includes an outline template and manuscript assessment to help you plan and improve your memoir.

Write Out Loud

My most recent book, Write Out Loud, based on more than 20 years of ghostwriting and helping my clients write and publish their books.

My Blog

Dozens of blog posts and articles spanning everything from planning, writing, editing, and publishing fiction and nonfiction books and memoirs.

Fiction or Nonfiction Planner

These coil-bound planners contains every tool I use with clients to plan every step of their book as well as mindset, checklists, and walkthroughs for the entire process.

I've Supplied All the Training, Experience, and Tools for Book Writing…

All you have to do is follow the prompts to add the details of your story and your voice.

A private memoir embodied in a feather bookmark, serving as a silent mentor.
You have several options.

You Can:

Spend thousands of dollars hiring a ghostwriter or writing coach to get one-on-one personalized advice that follows your lead and your timeline as you write your memoir
Spend thousands of dollars on a writing/publishing course to get templatized, generic advice delivered to the masses
Spend hours training ChatGPT on everything from how to write a memoir to how to publish a book plus training ChatGPT to imitate your voice and write your memoir then spend hours editing the memoir to make it publish-worthy
Grab the Memoir Mentor and receive personalized advice that follows your lead and encourages you with support and motivation and develops a course tailored to your needs that also incorporates AI to help plan and write your memoir.

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