My Writing Bucket List

A writing bucket list, by definition, is more serious than a list of writing goals. After all, everyone carries around multiple lists of goals all the time.

  • Goals for the day
  • Goals for the week
  • Goals for the year
  • Goals for work
  • Goals for writing
  • Goals for word counts
  • Goals for family
  • Goals for therapy
  • Goals for goal setting

You get the picture.

But a bucket list… A bucket list is different. It's more than a mere list of goals.

First of all, bucket lists are typically associated with someone's impending death. A person's effort to take on adventurous, life-altering, risky quests before he or she dies.

This bucket list is different though. This bucket list has nothing to do with my death. But I felt like a normal list of goals for my writing wasn't enough – it didn't convey enough. It had to be bigger than that. This bucket list isn't about the adventures I want to have before my demise, but rather a plan of things that I want to spend time doing – like an itinerary. I'm sure this list will change as time goes on.

  • Get Heir of Elendri Published (duh?)
  • Make it onto a Bestseller's list (not necessarily with Heir of Elendri — it could be with any of my works in progress and I'll be happy) — Done! As of August, 2018, my book, Everything I Need to Know About Parenting I Learned from Watching Star Trek was on a best seller's list on Amazon for 3 years.
  • A bit redundant, but getting the entire Heir of Elendri series published (you know, in case #1 wasn't clear)
  • Go on a book signing tour
  • Even better, touring with one or more of my favorite authors! (Just don't make me choose!!)
  • For that matter, I'd like to meet some of my favorite authors – not just as a fan but as an equal (but let's face it, I will totally fangirl out)
  • Have a nice picture of me taken to be used for the book jacket.
  • or my daughter to bring a book that I wrote to her class for show and tell (or even just to be proud enough to hold a copy on her bookshelf)

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